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Hey yall. Ciggy free for 5 days. Woot woot!

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Right on Joseph!!

I used to sell e-cigarettes about 4 years ago at stonestown mall in sf. I tried quitting but it didnt work because the batteries would die, the atomizers would die, fluid would leak. It was just such an inferior product. I decided to try quitting again with the joyetech brand and ive had maybe 8 cigarettes in two months (it was mostly due to peer pressure and being drunk). The joyetech cigarettes actually perform like a cigarette. they genuinely seem to care about their product and customers. I'm so glad i finally found an ecig that works like a cigarette. The guys from vaporden just opened up a store in sf. Both max and orion are awesome and they offer a superior product and their knowledge and experience is extensive and very helpful. So please if you live in san francisco, go buy your ecigs and juice from vaporden. not only are the prices reasonable but they are awesome. they let you try different flavors and nicotine strengths to help make the experience right.  also I don't want to go back to ordering stuff off the internet and hoping it will be good. So support vaporden with your patronage. Max and orion deserve it.


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