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hey. wats up people. man. i had a real setback. was using my e-cig till i ran out of juice. then i switched back to analogs. i dont wanna keep smoking real cigarettes. they suck. im hoping to come out to berkely on wednesday to buy some stuff. my e-cig was purchased from totally wicked. its the tornado. its pretty good. but vaping is all i could think about lately. even when im smoking a real cigarette. from the look of the vaporden page you guys stepped thing up. too excited about gettin paid so i can buy some new atomizers , juice, and a battery . i have jus straight aqueous glycerin. all i get is vapor. no throat hit. thats what i need, otherwise it feels like im jus vaping air. pointless. but, its time for me to get to work. see all ya'll later.

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right on bro, see ya at the den..... just got a fresh batch of new e-liquid, come in an give them a vape!!! make sure to ask about trying the new cartos, LR dual coil - they are vape monsters!!! see ya soon...


that happened to me. had finally quit smoking, was vaping 7-11--bought  e-cigs. then went to the east coast to visit family and could not find any new cartridges to fit my atomizer. bought alternative cartridges there, but then couldn't find the atomizer they match!!! it was ridiculous but very sad cuz i started smoking analogs again---back into that pit. it has taken several tries, but i finally got over that hump, and finally switched fully back to the e-cigs. loaded up on stuff at the den. now i've gotta get back in there---i need multiple chargers & batteries---have 2 but it's not enough. i suck the hell out of them, so i run through batteries fast but refuse to use one of those uber-fat vaporizers/batteries. gotta get the xtra long batteries but they were out of them when i was there last. hope they have them now. hope i can get there tomorrow. gotta get my banana e-juice!!! i thought i wouldn't like it but lo and behold, i loved it---it wasn't sickeningly sweet like i thought it was going to be. it was mellow banana. i need more mellow banana.

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