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Clearomizer is leaking, battery won't hold a charge

I got a ego battery and a couple of clearomizers last week, and everything was going well at first. Then I noticed that the battery was lasting progressively less on each charge. I am a light smoker, and when I got the battery it lasted me 4 days before needing to be recharge. Now I'll charge it all night and it lasts less than a day of light use (a couple of vapes an hour).

I noticed that the clearomizer was leaking from its base, and getting onto the battery. What causes this? Did this short out the battery? 

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Hi Albaster Jones, I feel for you on the issues your having with your set up. The best thing to do is to come into the shop when it occurs, it could be just your cartomizer or your battery is a a dud and at that point we would just replace it. However the cartomizer starts losing it's magic after use, we guarantee them for atleast a week, 2-3 weeks they usually need to be replaced.  If your battery is under 30 days old we will swap them out as well. Joytech eGo batteries we consider to be the best on the market, and with anything that is mass produce, you always get a bad one or two in a batch, but a good way to maintain a strong battery is to only charge it after it goes completely out.

Also if you get liquid in the pin, it will lead directly to your battery. A little residual liquid should not be of concern, I don't think it can short it out, but bring it in and let us check it out.


The link below could be of assistance for you.

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