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hi vapor den! i am just wondering what the e liquids price ranges are. im tired of ordering from online, tho its cheap $6.95 for 10ml, i hate buying the products then hating the flavor. thanks in advance!

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prices would be nice and cartomizer choices would also be nice

Our price's are as followed

$1 a ml in $5 intervals. So...

10ml would be $10, $20 for 20ml. We also sell 30ml for $25. ($5 off)

Now before you get all fired up, store fronts like Vapor Den can not compete with online price's, so yes our price for liquids are higher. That also depends where you purchase from, most of those cheaper priced liquids are horrible which you seem to know well enough. But the beauty of Vapor Den is that you can try the flavor before you make your purchase. I hope that helps you and Sorry for delay in responds.  

We carry V2, V3(stardust), Vivi Nova, Kanger, Echo & 510D cartomizers.

V2: $7

V3: $9

Vivi Nova: $14

Kanger T3: $9

Echo: $7

510D: $2

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