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Hi Vapor-Denners,

From up here in COLD COLD Canada where subfreezing temperatures wouldn't be so bad if only we had Government Laws that weren't so ill-inspired, un-intelligent and falsely-fear-driven.

In case you didn't know, in Canada, it is not legal to sell e-cigs containing nicotine.

I can, however, quite legally purchase VAPUR e-cigs at the corner store, but they contain no nicotine -- so what's the use of that?

What is even more surprising is that Medical Doctors, official, certified, well-known doctors of the Montreal HEART Institute do NOT agree with Canada's federal Law prohibiting nicotine e-cigs and they openly say so on national TV! -- Go figure!

So, I'm up here in Canada and I want to purchase nicotine e-cigs.

I'm not sure exactly how I will get my hands on them, but I have a few options (friends living in the US or making a little trip across the border...) but that is not my main problem.

My main problem, that for which I need help, is understanding all the options, the names, the brands, the prices, etc.  In 4 words: KNOWING WHAT TO BUY.

Any & all suggestions are welcome!

In the meantime, I will keep on looking at the YouTube videos... none of which I have seen up to now are very clear... I need a little "VAP-101" course... also & BTW, most of the guys on video have strong foreign accents in English... so strong that I cannot always understand which "code-words" they are uttering!  Isn't there any master thespians who enjoy VAPING?



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Phil, welcome to our community and sorry about to hear about your predicament - we have had trouble shipping to Canada due to laws preventing transportation of liquids and batteries. But if you can find somebody that ships to your location but for starting out I would recommend joyetech, vision and evod for batteries. For clearamizers I would recommend anything by kanger - especially the pro tanks, I think you will be very please with this configuration. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Cheers and happy vaping!

Thank you irieb,

I do have a very close personal friend living in the SF area who can ship to my location in Canada and I will transmit your suggestions to her.

I shall explore the Vapor Den site to more fully understand the names you provide (" joyetech, vision and evod for batteries. For clearamizers I would recommend anything by kanger - especially the pro tanks") as well as prices and quantities.

But hey! this is a great start & thanks again.


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