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I have been loving my new eGo-C and it will now not unscrew so I can charge it.  Has anyone had this problem?

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Yeah, this seems to happen because the juices heat up, the unit gets screwed in tight, and then when it cools, the threads get kind of glued in place. There are two solutions i have found. One, you can heat the unit up a little by pressing the button for a couple of seconds, and that seems to loosen things up a bit.  If that fails, if you are using the EGO-C with the cone and base, if you can remove the cone from the base as if you were replacing the atomizer (the base connects to the battery), the base has a slotted top under the atomizer that you can put a screwdriver in, or a butter knife, and actually unscrew it with some leverage from the battery.  Hope that helps... Have fun!

Thanks for the tip!  The store opens at noon, so I'm going to head in there and chat with them.  They are super friendly, so I don't think it will be an issue.  If this is a known problem, I'm swapping out for a more reliable model.  My butter knives are jacked from previous janky ecig options.  Need something reliable and long lasting, like a Toyota made vape!

I didn't mean to dis the EGO-C. That is the best model around, in my opinion. Honestly, I would just figure out how to unscrew it, and when you do, don't screw it back in super tight. I am sure the awesome crew at the vaporden will help you out though, whatever you need! All the best!

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