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It seems odd to say that I'm a nonsmoker but I guess thats what I am now. Bought my Kanger 808d a month ago. I had 1 real cig a day later... it tasted terrible. I love using the ecig mostly bc I hated smelling like an ashtray. Of course now I'm sensative to that smell on other ppl. I haven't had any issuse changing over to the ecig - smooth transition. I'm caughing/clearing my throat more but I know all that stuff has to come out of my lungs. I had tried several different types of "minit mart" disposable type ecigs. They were terrible and not a good enough replacement to get me to quit. I'v gotten 3 other smokers to switch since i started. Now we just need to get the rest of the world to understand it isn't smoke so vaping will be allowed in public places without dirty looks.

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