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Hi, I recently purchased a starter kit: evod vap and american spirit type flavor and blueberry flavor.

People are generally curious about vaping and I've been telling them its safe. But I have been challenged on this assertion, so I wanted to find out directly from you guys.

I have read conflicting material. Some say that vaping does have some of the same cancer causing chemicals as cigarettes - nitrosamines - and nasty anti-freeze stuff like diethylene glycol. Others say they are totally clean besides the nicotine.

Either way it seems they're much better than cigarettes as cigarettes contain a plethora of carcinogens and poisons. I suppose the answer depends on the specific vaping products being used, so I would like to know what I purchased and whether you carry anything known to be clean, which I would be interested in purchasing if replacement is warranted.



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Hi Amit, Thanks for joining our lil community of everything vapor. I must say I understand your concerns, since I started vaping 4 years ago, an like you I want to know all the facts, so I try to keep current on what's new in e-cig world. But every time you hear about something shocking, it turns out to be a hoax, just to shock you or not all the information. 
So let me put your mind at ease, first off diethylene glycol is in antifreeze but not in e-liquids, I think you where referring to propylene glycol which is one of the main ingredients in e-liquids and also sometimes in antifreeze to make it less toxic for children and animals. The anti freeze myth was created in 2009 based on a FDA press statement regarding the testing of 18 cartridges. Out of the 18 cartridges 1 tested positive for having a non-toxic amount of diethylene glycol (aprox. 1%).
I have to say the nitrosamines in ecigs is also another example of how we are not getting all the information. Below I listed a link to the testing of nitrosamines in e-liquid, and let it be know  the e-liquids Vapor Den carry have gone through strict testing and like most credited businesses who make thier own e-liquids like High Desert, Ms T's (available at Vapor Den) and even locally made Tasty Vapor, rest to sure there safe. I hope this helps, or at least another source for information. Sorry for the late reply.
Sincerely, Jacque Lacey
Vapor Den LLC Partner
Nitrosamines in e-cig?
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