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California E-Cigarette Usage Ban -- SB 648

Greetings Vapor Enthusiast,

Many of you have come to the Vapor Den and had concerns about the proposed ban on electronic cigarettes, and what it means to you. This bill is not the first attempt at putting a stop to our freedom of choice in this matter, electronic cigarettes has already been ban on airplanes even though it's been given a blind eye. However, if this bill is passed it would be a stepping stone for more restrictions on your freedom.

If enacted, this bill would:

Ban the use of vapor products wherever smoking is banned. Among those provisions most likely to impact users are those that would:

  • Permit landlords to ban e-cigarette use in private homes. (Section 2)
  • Ban e-cigarette use inside or within 20 feet of any public building or in a vehicle owned by the state. (Section 5)
  • Bane-cigarette use in hospitals and medical facilities, except in specifically defined roomswhere smoking is allowed (Sections 7 and 8)
  • Declares that the use of electronic cigarettes “is a hazard to the health of thegeneral public,” and would include e-cigarettes in all future smoking bans passed in California. (Section 14)
  • Ban e-cigarette use in workplaces. Violations would be punishable by fines of $100, $200,and $500. (Section 15)
  • Ban e-cigarette use in railroads and air carriers. (Section 16)

UPDATED (3/20/2013): SB 648 has been scheduled for a hearing before the currently pending before the Senate Committee on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. inSacramento at the State Capitol Building, Room #4203 (John L. Burton room). Public comment will be heard at the end of the hearing and is open to the public. 

If you would like to submit testimony directly to the Health Committee, please email or fax Senate Health Committee Assistant Alex Norring at / (916) 324-0384. If emailing, please put "SB 648 Testimony" in the subject line. The deadline for official testimony is April 10th, but you can continue to contact individual legislators up to and after the April 17th hearing.

For more information and how to contact the Senate Committee on Health

The Advocates For Smoke-Free Alternatives

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