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Please follow link to petition, your support will help preserve a cultural landmark in the city of Berkeley, also the home of Vapor Den.

Petition link:

Help save The Village, a physical link to Berkeley's mid-century Hippie Modernist past. Join us in telling the Berkeley City Council to SAVE THE VILLAGE by declaring 2556 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley an official city landmark!

The Village is an iconic Berkeley building located at Telegraph Ave. and Blake St, situated on "5th Block" of Telegraph Avenue in the famous South of Campus area. This area has enormous historic significance as a center of the Anti-War, People's Park, and Free Speech Movement Demonstrations of the 60's and 70's, and this unique building completely exemplifies the community spirit of the time.

Historic Architecture: rare example of Hippie Modernism as described by the New York Times (Sep 15, 2015, ) hand-built architecture by and for local South of Campus community embodying the spirit of the historic '60s/early '70s 
Architectural Details include detailed wood work, hand built signs, wrought iron 'morning glory vines' wrapping around a spiral staircase, stained glass windows, flowing bricked flooring, individual shop/restaurant spaces built with wood shingled roofs overlooking a sky lit "commons" courtyard
Culturally Significant and Part of the Community's Fabric:role as a poetry/arts meeting place during the 'Era of Change', Berkeley's most iconic period of history, as well as the more recent Berkeley Music Festival, providing a SMALL BUSINESS INCUBATOR for business's getting their start in our city
Visionary Modern Planning: DENSE commercial space (12 store fronts/restaurant spaces) on a single foot print, adds SUSTAINABILITY to the neighborhood with easily accessible and walkable shopping for a CAR-LESS community, GREEN construction through adaptive reuse and recycled construction materials and natural sky lighting
* Decades-long Home of many popular, independent, "mom & pop" restaurants serving authentic world cuisines, many of which are owned and operated by people of color and/or recent emigrants: Norikonoko Japanese, FinFine Ethiopian, Fondue Fred's, Koryo Korean, Arriba Peru
Lots of Potential for The Future: valuable space for local restaurants, small shops, art galleries, pop-up markets; dining and cultural performances/events in its sheltered courtyard (similar to Temescal Alley or Trumpetvine Court)

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