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Minikin V2 Firmware Update Tutuorial

new firmware update has been released for the Minikin 2 which updates the TFR and TCR! The upgrade installer currently only works for Windows. The asMODus upgrade installer and the firmware file (V36) can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: Two new firmware files have been released! Links to the firmware files and brief descriptions can be found below:

V38: This firmware file retains the real-time resistance reading but increases the processing speed of the chip. Download here.

V39: Due to popular demand, we have released a firmware file that hides the true value of a resistance that is read. When an atomizer is read, it will ask you if it is a new atomizer and once you select "YES", the resistance will lock to the device. We do not recommend this firmware file, as it hides the true value of the resistance of your atomizer, but if you are using stainless steel wires, (which resistances naturally fluctuate drastically based on heat) then this is the firmware for you. Download here.

Instructions for update:

  1. Click the link above to download both files.
  2. Open the folder inside and you will see two different files. Open the UpgradeV1.1.exe to install the upgrading program.
  3. Once the program is installed a window will pop up called "ASMODUS Upgrade Tool V1.1"; this is the program which will perform the upgrade.
  4. Remove the batteries from your Minikin 2. With the batteries removed from the device, hold the fire button down and plug in the USB. The screen will state "Download Mode".
  5. Click connect on the ASMODUS Upgrade Tool.
  6. Click file and select the firmware update. This is the other file that was downloaded.
  7. Click upgrade on the ASMODUS Upgrade Tool.
  8. When the update is complete, a pop up will state "Upgrade Complete!" and the screen on the Minikin 2 will state "Update Ok".
  9. Enjoy your updated device!

Here's an instructional video explaining how to update the device:

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