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I haven't really had time put into solely vaping that could be considered remarkable (month), but for my self-proclaimed flabbergast, I took this up for the sake of having another hobby. I hookah, I have a bundle of 50 gauge Joya's, I know to rub-out some fine rope and mix it with some oriental to pack in a rustic, and any doofus 18-yr-old could come to me and ask for advice about any of the fine ways to kill themselves slowly with the cigarettes. I've just about smoked every brand, last to go was some buy 2 save $2.50 Camel no.9 menthol.


Yeah, it's my tendency to collect stuff, and the personal vaporizer (PV) was just another one of these possibilities. Hotwheels, Knives, Swords, PV's <Pattern? Maybe not. I did not think that it would completely take over. I have heard the concept that there comes a time that while being both; smoker & vaper, that one will just take to enjoying vaping more. "Right" I says. I have had the desire to quit several times before, and just basically gave up. When this vaping came along; like I said, just another hobby/habit to take up. Then BAM! I do enjoy vaping more. There's a cigar case in my car that I haven't touched, a 1/4 pound of Cornell & Diehl staring at me while I blow vapor at it, and I haven't bought a pack for a month.


So to wrap it up, you have just been subjected to the rantings of a slightly OCD, 19-year smoker, half-assed connoisseur of fine tobacco,  all surrounding a nicotine habit. But would the electronic cigarette have truly converted? I dig it! Now put some of your finest 6-24mg on a low res with your fanciest drip tip and take a huge draw.

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Comment by irieb on July 9, 2011 at 9:47am

nice testimonial Fred, glad the switch worked out! i found vaping is a cleaner form of the habit, and i too enjoy it more than the traditional analog + i feel much healthier!


my recommended configuration for a power vape: duel coil LR cartimizer + drip tip + ego 1000 mAh battery, complimented with you favorite e-liquid....


happy vaping,



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